Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Kasteeltuinen on Fire - Autumn in Arcen

In this great garden we have made a lot of great shootings and it was very important to me to catch the autumn this time also with my camera :D
This blog is definitly extended edition, because these are a lot of impressions that just HAD to be caught (still I sorted a lot out) XD.
I really really felt like my favourite garden is on fire, but beautifully.
Look at the pictures and you will know what I mean!
There was also a little event where you could visit the "enchanted gardens" of the Kasteeltuinen at night with lights, which was really totally different. I even caught myself being afraid at some points in the dark when the mist-machines were suddenly noisy or I thought I saw a shadow of a person. xD
I hope you guys enjoy the colours of autumn also a lot :)

 Couldn´t resist to take a selfie with the VIP of the day- the autumn itself xD

Well, goodbye Arcen 2015!! See you in 2016!